UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

SRD GIS foresees a huge benefit to using UAV technology to capture, document, record, map and analyse ground features.

UAVs enable unparalleled accessibility and unique perspectives to capture imagery - airborne views previously inaccessible or prohibitively expensive to acquire.

The cost is far less than traditional air photo surveying and the capability to revisit & resurvey enables for powerful temporal analysis capabilities.

Potential Uses:

  • change detection: river channels
  • monitoring & assessing erosion
  • mapping flood extents
  • analysing/calculating volumetric change
  • oblique aerial photography
  • airborne video capture

Project Extracts:

Consider this:

Projects to date:

  • Oyster River (19.2km) from Salmon Point south to the mouth of the Oyster River, then upstream as far as the Inland Hwy (19)
  • Area D (unopened Road Right of Ways: Darnell Rd, Storie/Seawave Rd) & Hagel Park
  • Quadra Island (Esplanade Park, Heriot Bay and Blenkin Memorial Park/Community Hall)

  • See UAV outputs HERE

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